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On-demand webinar: AI empowerment in probation: Reducing workload and enhancing outcomes

AI’s strategic role in streamlining processes and optimizing resources

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Join us to discover the power of AI in transforming the probation landscape. This webinar explores innovative AI technology designed to digitize and streamline the administrative processes, significantly boosting officer productivity and data accuracy. We delve into how AI not only revolutionizes technology adoption but also redefines community corrections efficiency, ultimately improving service delivery to individuals and the community.

You will learn:

  • How AI can automate data extraction from documents, reducing manual entry and speeding up the intake process with Intelligent Data Process (IDP) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).
  • The role of AI in reducing human errors, ensuring data integrity for reliable case management.
  • AI’s capability to integrate and smooth the intake steps, eliminating the delays of manual procedures.
  • Insight on how AI can reallocate staff from routine tasks to more complex, impactful roles, enhancing the productivity and resource management of community corrections departments.


“Good information and it’s always better to be informed with new technology.”

“Great discussion and well-balanced.”

“Completely new knowledge for me.”




L - R: Ken Miles, Jack Martin

Ken Miles brings a wealth of experience to his role at Tyler Technologies, where he has been instrumental as the Vice President and General Manager of Enterprise Supervision. His background is marked by honorable service in the US Marine Corps and a subsequent career in law enforcement. Ken also dedicated five years to the implementation of integrated criminal justice solutions. His tenure at Tyler is defined by his commitment to advancing the application and effectiveness of Tyler’s products in the Courts & Justice Division. Ken’s extensive experience, spanning over two decades at Tyler and over thirty years in the industry, has been vital to the successful delivery of significant projects throughout the United States and on an international scale.

Prior to joining Tyler Technologies as a Client Executive for Enterprise Supervision, Jack Martin was the director of the Clark County Department of Juvenile Justice Services. He has served over three decades in law enforcement, both in the adult and juvenile arenas, and is a subject matter expert on rebuilding troubled correctional systems experiencing civil rights violations. He has developed numerous re-entry programs utilizing blended funding streams and looks forward to sharing his 30+ years of experience building workforce opportunities for second-chance citizens.