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Custom Video Projects

Custom Video Projects

Our award-winning film crew can help solve your video problem with a custom program committed to telling your story.

Police Grants Help

Police Grants Help

Help your customers access more than $1 billion in federal, state, and private grant fund to purchase your products with a highly custom campaign.

Corrections Advertising

Corrections Advertising

Deliver your company's message to a highly targeted audience of corrections decision makers at precisely the right time – when they are researching the products you sell - with a Corrections1 Product Category Sponsorship.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

With over 110,000 Corrections1 Facebook fans, we know social. We can help build your own fan base, running custom promotions or defining your social strategy.

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Learn how we solve real-life marketing challenges with our reach and technology.

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About Lexipol and Our Network

Within the highly fragmented public safety and local government markets, there are countless obscure decision makers and complex sales processes. To reach and engage industry leaders requires a single, unified marketing and business intelligence platform.

Lexipol’s marketing platform uses our network of digital media communities — Police1, FireRescue1, EMS1, Corrections1 and Gov1 — to connect top suppliers with prospects and customers through 24-7-365 thought leadership, marketing automation, lead qualification, behavioral advertising, training and custom content. We serve an audience of 1.6 million members through 30 websites and 50 enewsletters. Sponsorship opportunities are also available through our grants assistance platform

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