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Corrections Training

The Corrections Training topic features a range of training videos, tips and expert columns to help correctional officers be better equipped and prepared for the dangers of dealing with violent inmates and detainees.

The safety of your personnel, your facility and your inmates depend on these inspections
The concern is that the change to the New Hampshire Constitution could prevent correctional officers from assigning work to people who are serving time
Elderly inmates pose some special challenges in corrections, including safety issues as well as the physical and mental problems associated with age
“This program is more than financial assistance; it’s a bridge to a brighter future for the families of those who’ve dedicated their lives to our safety,” Representative Matt Gress stated
“Lieutenants have gone through jailer school, all jail protocols have been reinforced, reemphasizing training in policy and inmate movement,” Bibb County Sheriff David Davis said
Preparing for an all-options response to a multiple-person attack requires a commitment to training beyond the sporadic defensive tactics sessions
Leadership is not a destination but a journey, requiring effective communication, self-reflection, and lifelong learning in the ever-changing field of corrections
The Maine Criminal Justice Academy welcomed 67 new correctional officers, marking the largest class to graduate from the Basic Corrections Training Program
You should be working to avoid “us vs them” with other staff in your facility
The special review from the inspector general found CDCR wrongfully closed and reclassified 595 complaints of staff misconduct as “routine grievances” between Feb. 24, 2022, and Feb. 27, 2023
With facilities constantly short-staffed, today’s corrections training requires innovative scheduling, methods and platforms for success
The program will help the Rockingham County COs learn how to read cues from someone’s body language and brush up on verbal skills to help inmates who may become hostile, suicidal and anything in-between
Addressing misconceptions and safety measures in correctional facilities
Officers should always control the time and place of any interactions with inmates
Correctional officers must separate and appropriately supervise these inmates