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Prisoner Transport

The Prisoner Transport topic area gives COs the training and tools they need to safely complete the unique mission of transporting an inmate from one facility to another. The task can be one of the most dangerous periods of time for the officers charged with that duty, as subjects often see the ride as their last, best chance for escape.

As of April 17, 26 death row inmates have been transferred to California Institution for Men following the closure of segregated units at San Quentin and Central California Women’s Facility
Seven inmates were returning to the Alex City Community Based Facility after work when the crash occurred
The inmates, ages 14 and 15, fled after they overpowered and took a Jenkins County deputy’s 45-automatic handgun and knocked him unconscious with it
Police tracked the inmate and his accomplice down about 36 hours after their escape, but the pair is also suspected in the killings of two men while they were on the run
Following the staged escape that wounded three COs, IDOC is working with Centurion Health, its medical health care provider, to find ways to reduce the number of hospital transports
The two wanted men were captured following a brief pursuit; Idaho State Police said they are now investigating whether the pair had killed two people while on the run
The accomplice is suspected of shooting two COs in an ambulance bay to help inmate Skylar Meade escape; a third CO was wounded by a responding officer who mistook the CO for the shooter
One CO was critically wounded, a second sustained serious injuries and a third was accidentally shot by a responding police officer mistaking the CO for the shooter
After escaping by pepper-spraying a deputy and stealing a cruiser, the recaptured inmate also faces new charges, including attempting to smuggle cigarettes and a lighter into jail
Investigators are still trying to determine how the suspect obtained pepper spray; the deputy was in possession of her department-issued pepper spray, stun gun and service weapon after the escape
Deputy Charles Rivette was killed and another deputy was seriously injured; Deputy Rivette was an 18-year veteran of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office
Sheriff Michael Moore is advocating for a temporary solution due to his deputies spending up to 15 hours traveling as far as Tennessee to transport juvenile inmates from housing facilities to court
The inmate was originally at the Rutherford Correctional Facility but was transferred to the Marion Correctional Institution to be a work release inmate, deputies said
The inmate fled the hospital; police tracked him to a nearby home where he was found deceased
The lawsuit alleges that juvenile detainees had their civil rights infringed upon at the Adair County facility and that the center failed to properly train staff
The Lake County Sheriff’s Office corrections division is down nearly 40% of its normal staffing levels due to vacancies, family and medical leave and other absences
The detainee blamed in the crash, a homicide suspect, got into the bus’s driver seat after a CO left the bus unattended outside the courthouse, the DOC said
The agreement said if space becomes needed at the Youth Detention Center for a Baltimore City minor, staff from the Towson adult jail will pick up the Baltimore County detainee housed there within hours and bring the minor back to Towson
The inmate grabbed a CO’s holster after attacking him; another CO quickly grabbed her gun and ordered the inmate to drop the weapon
Lack of post-release transport in county’s inmate transfer policy raises concerns
Two prisoner transport vehicles and a civilian vehicle crashed in Pompano Beach
Officer Robert Clark, 42, was escorting two prisoners at Smith State Prison when the inmate assaulted him from behind with a homemade weapon
The Franklin County Regional Jail inmate died after she jumped out of the transport vehicle’s window, police said
All off-site medical transports will require two Marion County deputies and murder suspects will wear red clothing to indicate their potential danger
The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office requested a price increase from $45 to $55 per head/per day to offset higher staffing and maintenance costs
McLean County jail inmates are being transferred as a result of inadequate staffing