Video: Inmate punches, slams CO to the ground

CO was attempting to move inmate for being disruptive, ended up having to pepper spray him when he refused

By C1 Staff

MARION COUNTY, Fla. — Video has surfaced showing a Marion County inmate, Xavier Washington, punching a corrections officer and slamming the man to the ground.

According to WESH, Washington now faces charges of battery on a law enforcement officer.

The officer was attempting to get Washington to a holding cell for being disruptive, but Washington refused to move three times.

He was warned he would be pepper sprayed, but when he’s hit with the OC, he fights back by throwing a right punch and then bear-hugging the officer.

Three officers responded to the incident to pull Washington off of the officer.

The officer hit his head on a metal bench during the confrontation, but it’s unclear if he suffered any injuries.

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