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Corrections1 Ethics and Standards

Lexipol is committed to conducting our business in accordance with the highest standards of business ethics.

Corrections1 editorial standards promote accuracy, fairness, balance and accountability. Editorial direction for Corrections1 is set with input from subject matter experts to meet industry needs and promote the advancement of the industry and the safety of those who serve their communities.

Corrections1 content is sourced with full attribution from national and local news outlets, industry experts and staff, and edited by editorial staff.

Embargoes and confidential sources are honored.

Any errors discovered are corrected, and significant changes are identified for readers with an editor’s note.

The Corrections1 editorial staff strives to conduct the company’s business in an honest and ethical manner, maintaining independence and objectivity from the interests of our advertisers.

Within the Lexipol organization, there is a clear distinction between editorial and advertising. Editorial reporting and analysis are conducted independently from sales, and advertisers do not have an influence on or access to the editorial articles we publish.

Sponsored content is clearly marked.

The Corrections1 editorial staff will avoid any relationships that might impair our objectivity and Corrections1 authors will disclose any conflicts of interest.