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12 gifts for your favorite corrections officer

The holidays are right around the corner; let us help you with your gift shopping list!

By C1 Staff

Looking for a gift for the corrections officer in your life, but unsure where to start? Let us help you with this list of twelve items that will make great holiday presents and stocking stuffers!

1. Cut & Bite Resistant Sleeves

Cuts and bites are an unfortunate risk to any corrections officer, so mitigate the injury before it happens with these sleeves that are made of military spec Cordura 1000D. More info or purchase here

2. Talon Disc Loc, Button-Release Baton

Correctional institutions are full of small, enclosed spaces, and the Talon Disc Loc Baton keeps those spaces safe for corrections officers. With a sophisticated design, the baton can easily be opened and closed with one hand. More info or purchase here

3. SAM Medical Junctional Tourniquet

This tourniquet is designed to stop heavy hemorrhaging where standard tourniquets wouldn’t be effective. With an application time of less than 25 seconds, you can be sure that you’re putting pressure where it needs to be. More info or purchase here

4. Hatch Gloves

Every officer should have a good pair of duty gloves to keep their hands warm during the colder seasons, and Hatch has delivered three different pairs that even allow you to handle your smartphone. Choose between everyday use, gloves for warmer climes, or an all-purpose glove with reinforced rubberized tips. More info or purchase here

5. Nightstick mini-flashlight

Flashlights are a basic must-have on every duty belt, and with Nightstick’s new MT-200 Series Mini-TAC Pro flashlights, your officer will never be left in the dark. Each is rechargeable and made from a CREE LED that offers 50,000+ hours. More info or purchase here

6. Buckle Keeper
Keeping your duty belt in one place throughout your whole shift can be a trial, but with the Buckle Keeper, it’ll be a thing of the past. One simple strip of material will secure the buckle so it can’t be undone, so that you can alter your duty belt fit to your liking. More info or purchase here

7. CO’s Guide to Understanding Inmates
There’s one thing that can keep an officer safer than batons or pepper spray, and that’s knowledge. This book, by Larone Koonce, details ’44 keys to power, control and respect,’ and helps the reader understand what it means to be a corrections officer. More info or purchase here

8. Casio G-Shock Silent Vibration Alarm Tactical Watch
This Casio is engineered for precision and stealth with a vibrating alarm that has a special shock absorber to ensure that the vibrations are felt. Whether you need to count down the minutes to your end of shift or make a notation in a report, this watch will ensure you’re on time. Purchase here

9. Getac T800 Rugged Tablet
For the on-the-go officer, sometimes it’s nice to have something a little bigger than a phone to catch up on episodes of Law & Order. The T800 Rugged Tablet is great both indoors and out, and is WiFi compatible. Whether it’s relaxing with a good book or checking sports scores, this tablet will help your officer relax. More info or purchase here

10. Bates Footwear Code 6 Tactical Boot
Corrections officers are on their feet all day and good footwear is paramount to comfort and safety. The Code 6 is the lightest boot Bates Footwear has to offer, all while maintaining breathability and durability. More info or purchase here

11. Maxx-Dri vest
The Maxx-Dri vest is a thin vest made out of unique mesh material that’s meant to be worn under ballistic armor. This makes wearing a ballistics vest that much more comfortable, and that much more likely to save your life. More info or purchase here

12. Law Enforcement Thin Blue Line - Paracord Bracelet
This is a great gift for an officer or their loved one -- there’s nothing quite like supporting your officer with a simple bracelet that symbolizes more than words ever could. Purchase here

What products would you suggest for a corrections officer?