TerraLUX® Announces Powerful LED Upgrades for Mag Instruments® & Streamlight Rechargeable Flashlights

TerraLUX® has announced 5 Watt LED upgrades for the Mag Instruments and Streamlight 20X series of rechargeable flashlights. Using the world’s most powerful Luxeon® “K2” series of LEDs, these flashlights now produce up to 130 Lumens of light output, putting them on a par with the stock halogen bulb. However, unlike the stock bulb, the TerraLUX product does not burn out after a few hours. The LED has a rated lifetime of 100,000 hours and produces a pure, white light. Coupled to the LED is a sophisticated lens that produces a pencil-like 6o beam while creating enough side illumination to light the area around the user. This ensures the longest throw distance possible without producing a “blind-spot” nearby. Because of the LED’s inherent energy efficiency, battery life is 4-5 hours compared to about 1 hour with the halogen bulb. Because the TLE-100 contains sophisticated regulating electronics, the light output is rock solid over the entire run time; by comparison, the intensity of the halogen bulb runs down the instant it is turned on. As the battery becomes exhausted, the TLE-100 switches into a low intensity mode that continues to run for 48 hours, so the user is virtually never without light. The long run time leads to a 4 to 5-fold increase in the useable life of the rechargeable batteries which are usually only good for about 500 charge-discharge cycles. The unit is shock mounted to retard breakage. The products, termed the TLE-100 (for the Mag Instruments®flashlight) and the TLE-100S (for the Streamlight 20X series) are available now from retail and online resellers.

Please Note: TerraLUX® is not affiliated with Mag Instruments®, nor does Mag Instruments® endorse or warrantee TerraLUX products. Mag Instruments® owns the the MagLite® and Mag Charger® Trademarks. Mag Instruments® Trademarks are used here only to identify the flashlights that TerraLUX intends its product to work.

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