TerraLUX® Announces The MaxCharger5™

TerraLUX has announced the MaxCharger5™ (TLE-100), a 5 Watt LED upgrade for the Mag Instruments® rechargeable flashlight that is heavy relied upon by law enforcement personnel. This new product, which replaces the stock light bulb with an LED, produces 130 Lumens of light output, the same as the standard halogen bulb. However, unlike the halogen bulb, the LED has a rated lifetime of 100,000 hours and produces a pure, white light. Coupled to the LED is a sophisticated lens that produces a pencil-like 4o beam while creating enough side illumination to light the area surrounding the officer. This ensures the longest throw distance possible without producing a “blind-spot” around the user. Because of the LED’s inherent energy efficiency, battery life is 5 hours compared to about 1 hour with the halogen bulb. Because the TLE-100 contains sophisticated electronics, the light output is rock solid over the entire run time; the intensity of the halogen bulb runs down the instant it is turned on. As the battery becomes exhausted, the TLE-100 switches into a low intensity mode that continues to run for 48 hours continuously, so the user is virtually never without light. The long run time leads to a 5- fold increase in the useable life of the rechargeable batteries which are usually only good for about 500 charge-discharge cycles. The unit is shock mounted in foam to retard breakage. The product uses the newest Luxeon® K2, the brightest, most reliable LED commercially available today. A similar product is available for the Streamlight 20X series of flashlights (TLE-100S).

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