Carrying a hidden cuff key

Please consider hiding a standard cuff key inside the back of your belt. I've had a key duct taped to the inside back of my belt for over seven years. It's for the one-in-a-million chance that you're ever taken hostage and cuffed from behind. The key is small enough that you don't feel it during day-to-day activities. Once taped there it can remain for months or even over a year before you have to replace the tape. Two officers were grabbed, cuffed and held hostage in Memphis in the early 80s. I don't know the full story but I know they were held and beaten for days. One escaped by jumping out a window and one died. I can't help but think that if one or both officers were able to get free of the cuffs and/or go for a back-up gun, the dead officer may have survived. You can't afford to think it will never happen to you. Be prepared and be safe.

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