Otis Technology, Inc. is Getting "Greener"

Otis launches week long Earth Day events for its employees and the environment

LYONS FALLS NY: Otis Technology, Inc. is always investigating new ways to be environmentally friendly. To become even more aware of how we can protect the Earth, Otis will kick off week long “Earth Day” events beginning on April 20th.

Otis employees will get motivated to go “greener” after hearing guest speaker, Nick Byrnes, Founder of Kids Against Pollution on Monday. Tuesday, management will check the air pressure in employee’s tires, to help save gas money and the environment. Inaccurate tire pressure results in increased fuel consumption. On Wednesday, Otis management and employees will be cleaning up the streets of Lyons Falls. On Thursday, emissions and exhausts will be checked for any Otis employee interested because poor emissions in vehicles are one of the Earths evils. Surveys, trivia, and games will also be posted around Otis Technology during Earth Day week to increase awareness and promote a healthier lifestyle for our Earth.

Being environmentally friendly is something that Otis Technology has always been aware of. Within the Manufacturing facility, the scrap metal and excess oil from machinery is reused. The scrap metal is sent back to the original facility and the excess oil is filtered and reused as well. Upon entrance to the Otis Manufacturing facility, guests are asked to wear booties over their shoes. The booties worn are biodegradable. All boxes and card board from packaging and shipping are bailed and recycled as well.  More recently, Otis will be using a “green” biodegradable plastic bag for packaging and all plastic bags are recycled and reused as well as the plastics from injection moldings which are reused to create new parts.

In the Office, all paper and bottles and cans are recycled. Money from cans and bottles are returned and donated to the Otis Relay for Life Team. The heating and cooling system is a state-of-the art energy saver and temperatures are tracked and kept consistent.

Otis’ on sight daycare center, Caboodles is heated and cooled by geothermal heating. Caboodles is housed with toxic free carpeting, toxic free flooring and does not serve processed foods. The filler on the playground at Caboodles is recycled rubber and the plastics on the playground such as the slide are made from recycled milk cartons.

Otis always promotes Car pooling for out of town events, and occasionally will rent buses for car pooling to decrease on gas and pollution. Newly ordered Trade Show table clothes for are made with an eco-friendly ink. In order to replace numerous water bottles and the traditional disposable drinking cups, 10 gallon water jugs are provided for employees and guests. New employees are also given Otis Mugs of their own which saves on washing. Join Otis Technology, Inc. and do your part to make this a cleaner, greener Earth.

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