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Corporate Profile: GG&G

You may have a state-of-the-art weapon system, but if you and/or your weapon have no night vision capability you can only deploy with it half of the time. With the vast majority of law enforcement and military operations now being conducted at night, there is an increasing and pressing need for adapting night vision equipment to a substantial variety of weapon systems. Furthermore, most, albeit not all, police activity takes place in the dangerous jungle of the urban environment.

No company offers a wider assortment of night vision components, mounting systems and accessories for night operations in urban areas than GG&G. Utilizing our FIRE System, and any of its night vision adapters, you can assemble an advanced day/night optical setup for far less than you might think.

The United States Marine Corps’ Urban Warrior Program is fielding GG&G’s FIRE System and our night vision adapters to bring their M4 carbines into the 21st Century. We can configure your M16/AR-15, AR-10, SR-25, FN FAL, or H&K MP5 to accept a night vision monocular behind an Aimpoint Comp M XD or EOTech HOLOsight. Without the night vision monocular in place, these units provide targeting for all daylight operational requirements.

Quickly installing a night vision monocular equipped with one of our quick-detach rings to the mount permanently attached to the rail system instantly converts your day optic into a night targeting system. Our Urban Warrior Weapon System concept is continually expanding. Watch for the exciting new developments on the horizon.

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