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Correctional Management

The Correctional Management topic gives corrections leaders news and information to help them lead their staff and manage their facility in the face of tough issues like shrinking budgets and overcrowding.

The cards, which will be given to inmates statewide, will feature the faces of crime victims and information on how to report anonymous tips to Florida Crime Stoppers
After receiving an infraction, the inmate hired another inmate to murder a State Farm Correctional Center employee and a Victim Services Unit investigator
Staff Misconduct
While one CO was seated and writing a report at the Saginaw County Jail, his colleague drew her TASER and used it to deliver a drive-stun under the CO’s arm
Renowned chef Fernando Ruiz, a three-time Food Network champion, is leading an eight-week culinary training course for inmates at the Penitentiary of New Mexico
Several sheriffs directly referenced low staffing as a driving reason for the end of work release
Participants who complete the ACTIVATE program may earn up to nine free college credit hours, as well as gain preparation for the academy and a career with the ADOC
Eric Nantell was a sergeant at the Eastern Kentucky Correctional Complex in July 2018 when three COs assaulted an inmate in a shower, according to court documents
The lawsuit alleges the CO failed to shut the inmate’s cell door, allowing two or three other prisoners to follow him inside and assault him
Lt. Joel Garcia was fired, then reinstated and placed on administrative leave in connection to a Tarrant County Jail inmate’s death
The standards set baselines for several jail conditions, including prenatal care for pregnant women, the use of force on inmates and the basic rights of those in the jails
Waupun Correctional Institution’s warden is charged with misconduct in public office; the other eight staff members, including COs, face charges of felony inmate abuse
The Autauga County sheriff didn’t specify the issues at the jail, but he mentioned having “a moral obligation for the safety, health, and security of all individuals”
Under Director Michael Myers’ leadership, the Douglas County DOC achieved 100% staffing levels and the incarcerated population was significantly reduced
While the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Animal Farm is home to mainly confiscated animals, the farm also serves as a unique criminal justice reform program for inmates
“We have recruitment and retention incentives across the country. We have direct hire authority. The bottom line [...] we need to pay them more,” the BOP director said
The funds will help establish an initiative known as a Medication-Assisted Treatment plan at the Rockingham County Detention Facility
The state’s union president said that in previous rounds of closures, many corrections officers have chosen to retire or change careers rather than uproot their families
Corrections Training
The exercise scenarios at Bland Correctional Center included a large inmate disturbance with injuries, a hostage situation, an intentional fire and a multi-inmate escape
The Georgia DOC said the inmate’s death was a “result of an altercation” and that the CO was immediately fired
After inmates didn’t listen to verbal orders from COs, an officer fired a warning shot; the brawl continued and a second warning shot finally broke up the fight
The four inmates exited through the perimeter fence during recreational time in the yard, Tangipahoa Sheriff Daniel Edwards said
Despite the bravery and challenges inherent in corrections work, correctional officers and jailers’ prestige is rated significantly lower by the public than similar public safety positions
Sen. Cory Booker spoke during a hearing aimed at looking at ways to rethink prison labor, suggesting voluntary jobs, higher wages and better protection against injuries
The Laramie County Sheriff’s Office program allows inmates to get outside of the jail facilities, while also giving back to the community
The most effective programs, in my view, are those in which staff members confront the inmates about the problems and behavior that got them locked up
The Bernalillo County juvenile detention center filled 41 corrections officer positions, increasing the total to 66 COs, allowing the facility to reopen a previously closed pod
The episode followed three inmate workers at State Farm Correctional Complex who shared insights about the valuable re-entry skills they are gaining in agribusiness
FCI Dublin inmates sued the prisons bureau last August alleging the agency had failed to root out sexual abuse
An audit request suggested it costs California up to three times more for contracted medical staff compared to using state employees