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The Correctional Management topic gives corrections leaders news and information to help them lead their staff and manage their facility in the face of tough issues like shrinking budgets and overcrowding.

Body camera footage shows the suspect being escorted by multiple officers who were preparing to search him outside of his cell; the video showed the suspect turning to the right and spitting in the face of one of the COs
Between July 2018, and June 2019, 36,086 individuals were released from state prisons, 41.9% of which went on to reoffend within a three-year period
Board members declared both Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall, open for less than a year, and the Barry J. Nidorf Secure Youth Treatment Facility to be “unsuitable” to continue housing youths
The judge gave the order after learning an inmate at the prison appeared to have been placed in a special housing unit and then transferred to another prison, breaching the judge’s orders
“I can only hope that the Department of Corrections takes this opportunity to look at their current culture of retaliation and makes the necessary changes to make the agency a welcoming and retaliation-free workplace,” Nathaline Frener said
Robert Gonzalez said it was not the first time he reprimanded the recruiting COs for taking selfies in uniform with elected officials, which is against department policy
The Florida Department of Corrections said the officers are now under criminal investigation
The judge also ordered Charles Ryan to pay $8,500 to cover the Tempe Police Department’s costs in conducting the investigation of the encounter and designated the offense as a felony
“You would have to be sleeping under a rock in another country not to realize and not to understand the absolute danger that exists in the Georgia State Department of Corrections today,” said Sen. Randy Robertson
The looming deadline comes after Los Padrinos and the Barry J. Nidorf Secure Youth Treatment Facility failed key inspections in January
“It’s the only way to get anyone’s attention before one of you are calling one of our families to tell a father, a mother, daughter, son was killed in the line of duty,” a 14-year CO said
An inmate headbutted a staff member, and as he was being subdued, “approximately 200 incarcerated people on the yard rushed toward the officers attacking them with fists and rocks,” CDCR said
The CO underwent medical treatment and testing after she was injured on the job while breaking up a fight at a JJC facility; that injury led to her MS diagnosis
“With the planned closing we are concerned over how this will happen logistically and how it will place our other facilities at an increased threat level,” the union said
The Massachusetts Correction Officers Federated Union stated that closing MCI-Concord or any other prison “will burden our already violent and dangerous prisons”