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Correctional Management

The Correctional Management topic gives corrections leaders news and information to help them lead their staff and manage their facility in the face of tough issues like shrinking budgets and overcrowding.

Though a settlement has been reached, the case isn’t over; the lawsuit will proceed against the Jackson County Jail’s healthcare
The union said the attack is “directly related” to decisions made by department leadership to double bunk housing units in Maleng Regional Justice Center
The federal monitor said the need for fire suppression is “particularly acute for a unit attempting to re-house known fire-setters and thereby reduce arsons”
The riot at Lee Correctional Institution left seven dead and more than a dozen injured; it was the deadliest prison riot in the U.S. in the last 25 years
The inmate was charged with attempted murder and has been transferred to a different corrections facility in Tucson
Correctional Officer Senior Yashea J. Chapel died Nov. 10 at a hospital following an asthma attack, an Alabama DOC spokesperson said
The inmate told prosecutors he would have killed the former police officer had correctional officers not responded so quickly
The union said COs at four state prisons are having trouble managing high-risk prisoners who are benefiting from a new law enacted in 2022 that provides inmates with more recreation time
The Waupun, Green Bay and Stanley prisons have been under lockdown for months as the state grapples with deteriorating buildings and a worker shortage
Multiple inmates started a fire by igniting bed sheets; the situation then turned into a riot as the inmates also armed themselves with blunt objects, Richland County deputies said
The arrest was made nearly a month after the four inmates escaped through a broken window and a cut fence at the Bibb County jail
CO Steve Durham was most surprised by the relaxed, happy demeanor of the officers and their casual interactions with inmates during his recent visit to Halden
The revised policy includes step-down procedures to ensure there is mitigated risk over a longer period of time before inmates are returned to general population
Advocate Alex Mann, aiming to visit 500 police departments to discuss autism communication, made his first correctional facility visit at stop number 424
In October 2022, there was a daily average of 835 total people in jail; it has increased 32% this year