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ITT Wins FBI Night Vision Contract

Roanoke, Va. - ITT Industries Night Vision (ITT) recently received a competitive procurement award from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to supply night vision pocketscopes for use in low-light surveillance activity. Awarded as an “Indefinite Delivery/ Indefinite Quantity” (IDIQ) contract, the FBI procurement has a potential for a five-year term and a value of $4.9 million.

“In our current environment, the need for timely and accurate intelligence is more critical than ever,” said Gary Hopkins, contracting officer for the FBI. “Night vision technology allows us to conduct our missions 24 hours a day- it’s a must have for the FBI.”

ITT’s NE 6010F pocketscope is equipped with high-performance Generation (Gen) 3 image intensifier technology, providing visibility in extreme low-light conditions. Compact and lightweight, the NE 6010F can be hand-held as a monocular or camera-mounted as a night vision lens. Its adaptability to both video and 35-mm cameras greatly improves evidence gathering in dark conditions.

During the past several years, ITT has supplied the FBI with ground and aviation night vision goggles, similar to what it provides Department of Defense (DoD) military forces. Since September 11, 2001, the need for this life-saving night vision technology has increased with Federal and state/local law enforcement agencies’ increased Homeland Security responsibilities.

“As the nation’s top law enforcement agency, the FBI sets the standard for other agencies conducting criminal investigations and undercover activity,” stated Larry Curfiss, ITT’s vice president & director of Business Development. “Federal law enforcement agents and local police officers alike must have access to the most advanced surveillance technology available to perform their critical missions.”

About ITT
ITT Industries Night Vision, based in Roanoke, Va., is the world’s leading developer, producer and supplier of Generation (Gen) 3 image intensifier technology for U.S. and allied military forces as well as Federal, state and local law enforcement.

ITT Industries, Inc. ( supplies advanced technology products and services in key markets including: fluid and water management, including water treatment; defense communication, opto-electronics, information technology and services; electronic interconnects and switches; and other specialty products. Headquartered in White Plains, N.Y., the company generated $5.63 billion in 2003 sales.