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Product Information on the Remington 870 Shotgun

Remington 870 Shotgun Remington 870 “Wingmaster” was introduced by Remington in 1950, and since then become one of the most popular USA-made pump action all-purpose shotguns. Beginning it’'s life as a versatile hunting shotgun, available in many different configurations and gauges, in early 1970s remington 870 was adopted by US Military - in 1966 US Marine Corps purchased some thousands of the Remington 870 Mk.1 shoguns (along with Mossberg 590 and Winchester 1200). Military shotguns have extended magazines for 7 or 8 rounds, bayonet mounts, heatshields around the barrels and non-glare, protective and rust-resistant finishes.

Remington 870 also is very popular police/security shotgun, available with extended magazines (up to 8 rounds), fixed or folding buttstocks or with pistol grips. Usually, police remingtons have 14 in. or 18 in. barrels with cylinder or improved cylinder chokes, capable of firing buckshot, slugs and special purpose munitions (tear gas grenades, non-lethal rubber bullets etc.). M870 may be equipped with rifle-style or ghost-ring (peep) sights, with tactical flashlights and lasers etc.

Technically, Remington 870 is a punp-action shotgun with dual action bars and tilting breechblock, that locks directly into the barrel extension. Barrel may be swapped (changed) within minutes to fit the situation.

Type: pump-action Gauge: 12 Length: varies with model Barrel length: 355 mm (14 in.), 457 mm (18 in.) Weight: 3-3.5 kg Capacity: 7 or 8 rounds in underbarrel tube magazine

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