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New headquarters for the VeroVision Mail Screener

The new corporate headquarters houses sales, service, and R&D

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The VeroVision Mail Screener is a chemical detection system used in corrections facilities.

Eclipse Mail Screening

PITTSBURGH — Eclipse Screening Technologies llc today announced the opening of its new corporate headquarters for sales, service, and R&D of the VeroVision® Mail Screener. The state-of-the-art facilities were part of a major overhaul of the former Suburban General Hospital in the North Side of Pittsburgh, in the Bellevue area.

The VeroVision Mail Screener is a leading-edge chemical detection system at work in corrections facilities nationwide. It is an integral element in mailroom operations which must be able to safely, swiftly detect, and interdict illicit drugs hidden in personal and counterfeit legal inmate mail.

“World-class operations are essential to sustain our leadership in disruptive contraband interdiction solutions. Our customers rely on our detection technology to protect officers, mail handlers, and inmates and keep dangerous contraband out of correctional facilities. Drugs and cutting agents are hidden in everything, from stamps to crayon drawings, in an evolving cocktail of threats that we address,” said CEO Peter Safran.

The executive, sales, and engineering team at Eclipse are experts in leading-edge hyperspectral imaging technology which infuses the VeroVision system with powerful screening capabilities to detect and presumptively identify a wide range of drugs and cutting agents.

“We have big plans ahead. With more than 100 installations today and counting, providing top-notch customer service is our number one priority. We are hard at work developing new features and the next generation of sensing systems for corrections facilities, law enforcement, and other organizations at risk,” explained COO Rebecca Schuler. Schuler also noted future plans for new offerings to keep officers safe and secure. Plans for an opening event are being finalized.

About Eclipse Screening Technologies llc

Detecting and deterring mail-borne threats is the mission of Eclipse Screening Technologies llc. With installations nationwide, our disruptive contraband interdiction solutions, featuring the VeroVision® Mail Screener, help corrections facilities keep staff and inmates safe. Eclipse Screening Technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eclipse Design Ventures. Corporate headquarters, sales, service, and R&D facilities are based in Pittsburgh, PA. Learn more at

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