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Safety on Site Training Offers Free Instruction to Arizona School

The American Heart Association estimates that sudden cardiac arrest strikes over 340,000 Americans each year, including children and teens, usually without warning. According to the American Heart Association, early use of AEDs -portable devices that analyze the heart’'s rhythm and deliver an electric shock to reestablish a normal heartbeat - could raise the chance of saving a life by as much as 20 percent or more. Many AED programs are showing more than a 65% increase in survivability. Unfortunately, many schools don’'t have defibrillators in the event of a cardiac emergency.

In conjunction with launch of the new “Trusted Everywhere” television commercial, Duracell and ZOLL have teamed up to develop a nationwide initiative to raise awareness about the need for defibrillators in schools. Parents, teachers, students, and school administrators are encouraged to visit to register their school for a chance to win a defibrillator and enough batteries to power the system for several years. Entries will be accepted through January 31, 2005.

One important factor in emergency response is adequate preparation so that the average person would be likely to have the skills and courage required to take the AED off the wall and use it. Proper training will help to assure that the individual is capable of responding to an emergency with the courage and confidence needed to be successful. Safety on Site Training has placed PAD programs in several local schools and businesses in Arizona using American Heart Association courses that address these issues.

Safety on Site Training is proud to work with Duracell and ZOLL to help others learn about this important issue affecting the safety of our children, educators, and those visiting the schools by offering free training of up to four individuals to the school that wins the defibrillator in Arizona. In addition to the Safety on Site Training giveaway, for a limited time ZOLL is offering all accredited school with grades K-12 the opportunity to purchase an AED Plus for a special price. For information on how to set up a PAD program in your school or place of business, call 1-602-418-1677.

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