Weber Area 9-1-1 to Host a Spillman System for Multi-County Data Sharing

Salt Lake City, UT After a competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) process, the Weber Area Dispatch 911 and Emergency Services District (Weber Area 911) in Utah has chosen Spillman Technologies for their Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records Management System (RMS), Jail Management Systems and mobile software. Weber Area 911 is a regional Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for Weber and Morgan counties and will host a shared system for 23 of the Weber and Morgan County public safety agencies that it serves, including the Weber and Morgan County Sheriff’s Offices.

As the host agency, Weber Area 911 will be the single point of data storage for all the agencies on the system, allowing them to share data across jurisdictional boundaries. With Spillman, they will now be able to offer an integrated software system for police, sheriff, fire, and correctional agencies within the two counties.

Tina Scarlet, Executive Director of Weber Area 911, said Spillman’s integrated suite will help them improve dispatch and report writing efficiencies to all emergency response agencies through advanced data sharing capabilities.

“The biggest reason we started the process of finding a new vendor is that we are interested in having one integrated system to avoid duplicate data entry,” said Scarlet. “Currently, we don’t have an integrated police/fire CAD, RMS and corrections software system, so  any time there is a need to enter information, the same information has to be entered  two or three times. We wanted a system that had a jail product, an integrated CAD system, RMS, and mobile system and for us to be able to share all that information back and forth between dispatch, police and fire. Presently, the police department can’t see the fire department’s information to be able to document who responded on a call with them.  We wanted to have access to more information with less work.”

The Weber and Morgan County Sheriff’s Offices will join 18 county sheriff’s offices in Utah that are existing Spillman customers, bringing Spillman’s customer total to 20 of the 29 county sheriff’s offices in Utah, including eight of nine sheriff’s offices along the Wasatch Front. Spillman’s customers also now represent 26 of the 34 statewide PSAPs. More than 70 percent of law enforcement agencies in Utah use Spillman software.

Because Weber Area 911 and surrounding participating public safety agencies will have Spillman’s CAD2CAD Interface, information from any emergency call can easily be shared between them. With this, Weber Area 911 will be able to offer assistance to neighboring PSAPs by providing immediate backup in the event of large-scale emergencies in neighboring jurisdictions.

The purchase also includes Spillman’s InSight module, which will allow the Weber Area 911 consortium agencies to query the databases of other Spillman customers, including those in Nevada, Arizona, and Idaho, giving them easy access to important information on name, image, property, and vehicle records from all participating agencies.

Weber Area 911 will also have the added benefit of having Spillman nearby; the current software vendor, Versaterm, is headquartered in Canada. As a local Utah company, Spillman has the ability to easily host Utah public safety agencies for same-day trainings. Convenient access to software training helps public safety agencies take full advantage of the software systems they use, improving their return on their investment.

“We’re excited that we have the opportunity to work with a local company,” said Scarlet. “Previously, when we have sent employees to an annual conference, with our current software vendor, we’d have to send employees out of state, and every other year to Canada. At times there has been a need for additional training, however, it just wasn’t cost effective; we simply could not afford it. But with Spillman, the annual conference is always held in Utah and if we want to send our employees for extra training, it’s an hour down the road. Not only is this a huge cost savings, but is allows us to continually maximize our software system through continued education.”

About Spillman Technologies
Spillman Technologies focuses all resources on public safety solutions for the United States and serves more than 1,200 sheriff’s offices, correctional facilities, police departments, communication centers, and fire departments nationwide, with more than 130 in Utah alone. Spillman specializes in integrated software solutions, including Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records Management Systems (RMS), Mobile Data & Field Reporting, Mapping & GIS, Jail Management Systems, Fire, Data Sharing, Personnel & Resources, and Analytics & Intelligence-Led Policing. For more information about Spillman, visit

Agencies on the Weber Area 911 shared system:

City of Harrisville Police Department
Morgan County Ambulance
Morgan County Fire Department
Morgan County Sheriff’s Office
Mountain Green Fire Department
North Ogden City Police Department
North View Fire District
Ogden City Fire Department
Ogden City Police Department
Plain City Fire Department
Pleasant View City Police Department
Riverdale City Police Department
Riverdale City Fire Department
Roy City Police Department
Roy Fire & Rescue Department
South Ogden City Fire Department
South Ogden City Police Department
Uintah Fire Department
Washington Terrace Fire Department
Weber Area Dispatch 911 and Emergency Services District (host)
Weber County Sheriff’s Office
Weber Fire District
Weber State University Police Department

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