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GUARDIAN RFID unveils new Command Cloud officer experience platform to modernize correctional officers

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GUARDIAN RFID’s Command Cloud Launch Event will take place Tuesday, November 14th at 11 am CST/Noon EST.

Photo via Guardian RFID

MAPLE GROVE, Minn. - GUARDIAN RFID, a global leader in inmate tracking systems for more than 18 years, has opened registration for its highly anticipated Command Cloud Launch Event Tuesday, November 14th at 11 am CST/Noon EST.

The virtual event will provide attendees with an in-depth view of the world’s first officer experience platform (OXP) designed to drive collaboration, insight, and technical advantage. The officer experience platform spans today what is a highly fragmented industry of applications, tools, and services that are highly underutilized, inflexible, and outdated.

Command Cloud is a platform of integrated applications and services that supports a modern tech stack, including computer vision, machine learning, RFID, mobile, and native Cloud capabilities powered by AWS. Command Cloud works seamlessly with a host of common enterprise applications, from jail management systems, video management systems, and inmate tracking systems, to inmate tablet programs, electronic medical record systems, and more.

“60% of corrections officers attribute their workplace stress to staffing levels, workplace policies, and poor technology, according to a One Voice United report highlighting today’s corrections environment,” said Ken Dalley, founder and Chief Warrior of GUARDIAN RFID. “There has never been a stronger need to modernize the correctional officer, to improve their wellbeing, to achieve smarter, tighter collaboration between stakeholders, and give Warriors clear, instructive insights that improve their performance and confidence.”

“Jails and prisons are increasingly digital work environments,” said Daniel Quam, Director of Product at GUARDIAN RFID. “Building a culture of ingenuity and continuous improvement requires a deep commitment to innovation and employee engagement. Our vision is to create a platform that optimizes the capabilities and awareness of every Warrior in a unified experience.”

The virtual launch event will deliver a visually exciting and highly immersive walkthrough of Command Cloud, including the all-new Mobile Command XR, Mission Command, and Operational Intelligence. GUARDIAN RFID subject matter experts will moderate a live Q&A immediately following the main stage presentation.

To learn more about Command Cloud and register for the launch event, visit:


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