BlackHawk Products Group Acquires Dynamic Entry

NORFOLK, VA - Mike Noell, CEO and President of BlackHawk Products Group, LLC, has announced the acquisition of Dynamic Entry; the premier manufacturer of manual tactical entry tools preferred by professionals the world over. “Dynamic Entry’s manual breaching tools have a worldwide reputation as the finest tools available for tactical entries. Used by US and international agencies, Dynamic Entry’s tools have been instrumental in the safe apprehension of terrorists and criminals from England to Baghdad,” stated Noell.

“For several years prior to this acquisition, BlackHawk marketed and distributed the entire line of Dynamic Entry products. This line includes tactical entry kits and entry rams, striking tools and more, complementing the existing product line of tactical gear for S.W.A.T. and law enforcement officers manufactured by BlackHawk,” Noell added. “BlackHawk and Dynamic Entry are a natural fit in many ways.”

“BlackHawk is the leader in innovation and design of tactical gear and accessories in the law enforcement and military markets,” Marty Wozniak, founder of Dynamic Entry stated. “We at D.E. also pride ourselves with that same mentality of innovation, high standards of quality, rigorous testing and staying close to the end user. BlackHawk brings advanced capabilities to the table for D.E., including global sourcing, an international distribution channel and a dynamic marketing and sales team.”

“Marty Wozniak, as the new brand manager for BlackHawk’s Dynamic Entry, will be collaborating with BlackHawk’s engineering and design staff to develop new products and add to existing lines,” Noell added. “Under the BlackHawk umbrella, and with the knowledge that BlackHawk’s infrastructure will not only support his current business, but increase it as well, Marty will be able to focus on what he does best; designing and creating innovative new products that will better serve the men and women out in the field fighting on the front lines, be it in Iraq, London or New York City.”

Dynamic Entry products combine state-of-the-art design with top of the line materials to create a first class line of breaching and tactical entry tools. The Monoshock Ram, the flagship of the Dynamic Entry tool line, features electrically non-conductive, non-sparking construction, which is extremely important into today’s unknown and potentially explosive environments. For more information on Dynamic Entry and their products, call 800-694-5263 or log on to

About BlackHawk
BlackHawk, founded in 1993 by President and CEO Mike Noell, is recognized as the world leader in supplying tactical equipment to the military and law enforcement markets. Mike was trained as a US Navy SEAL and incorporated that experience and discipline in building a company dedicated to designing equipment for the preservation of life under the worst extremes.

BlackHawk Products Group was formed in 2003 to accelerate the pace of introducing new best-in-class products to the performance oriented tactical market through intensive internal R&D initiatives and selective acquisitions. BPG acquired MOD tactical knives in December of 2003. Delta Design Group was acquired in January of 2004 to strengthen and direct the BPG R&D effort resulting in the launch of the CQC holster line also in January 2004. Jungst Scientific, acquired in March of 2004, further expands on these capabilities. In May of 2004, BPG acquired the Polar hydration technology and the all new HydraStorm line was launched in January of 2005. October of 2004 saw the launch of the new technology in illumination tools called the Gladius from BPG’s new company Night-Ops. The SERPA™ technology was expanded in January 2005 to include a new line of Tactical SERPA holsters. May of 2005 saw BPG acquire both Dynamic Entry and All Season’s Apparel. BlackHawk Products Group will make future announcements about other recent acquisitions and strategic alliances to coincide with their formal product launches.

BlackHawk is headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia U.S.A. For more information on BlackHawk and BlackHawk products, log on to or call 800-694-5263.

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