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Utility is a vertically integrated U.S. manufacturer and supplier of software solutions, body-worn cameras, in-car cameras, mobile routers, mobile Digital Multi-Media Evidence management systems, and situational awareness software solutions for the law enforcement community.

With over 50,000 devices deployed, Utility has worked with many progressive first responders to incorporate industry best practices to help solve critical legal evidence capture and field situational awareness management challenges. Both the BodyWorn™ camera and the Rocket IoT™, singularly or in conjunction, utilize their unique communication capabilities to activate specific recording triggers that automatically initiate video recording. These triggers are set by the Department’s individual recording policies — including a built-in accelerometer, prone positioning, light bar sensors in concert with a door opening, rapid motion, GeoFence entry, etc. — and can be updated at any time via their video management system, AVaiL Web™.

The BodyWorn camera and the Rocket IoT system offer unique integration with real-time GPS reporting of officer and vehicle, an auto-related video for synchronized video playback, dockless evidence offload and more. Utility’s systems preserve the reputations of law enforcement departments and their officers, discourage frivolous litigation, support prosecution, and promote officer safety.

Address: 250 E. Ponce de Leon Ave. Ste. 700
Zip Code: 30030
Location: Georgia, United States
Main Phone Number: 1-800-597-4707