Drunk inmates participate in push-up contest

After noticing that the men couldn't keep their balance, officers administered blood alcohol tests

By C1 Staff

UNION, S.C. — Corrections officers at the Union County jail discovered drunk inmates, after viewing the men attempting to hold a push-up contest.

WMBF reports that after noticing one of the men couldn’t hold his balance, and then began to stagger as he tried to get up. An officer pulled the inmate aside and realized he stank of alcohol.

This prompted blood alcohol tests and revealed that four inmates had been drinking. Two admitted to drinking alcohol while two denied, but none would say where they received the contraband.

It’s believed that the inmates, who are trustees, may have smuggled vodka back into the jail in Gatorade bottles as they returned from a work site.

“We think they may have brought it back in… We issue Gatorade on some of the jobs with the heat stress, and we undoubtedly believe they got vodka in a Gatorade bottle and brought it back in,” said the detention center director Neil McKeown.

Now inmates cannot bring drinks back from a work site, period.

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