Contraband in footwear: A closer look

An offender can place blades, cell phones, narcotics, or even a mini container of mace inside a hollowed out shoe

By Joe Bouchard

Go on any airplane trip and you'll notice that many passengers will be wearing the flip-flop style of shoes. After all, it's easier to take these off during the airport search of passengers than standard foot ware with shoe laces. While many decades ago social convention may have been to dress up on an airplane trip, dressing down for convenience seems to be the norm.

Very recently, I thought about this as my wife discarded a pair of sandals. She did this because the base was separating from where her heel rested. The shoe rose at a slight angle from the toe to the heel. The style was such that the heel was a couple of inches thick. I pulled the backing off of the shoe at the soul. Inside was a crisscross of plastic supports.

It is very easy to see that this is a potential hiding place.

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