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Joe Bouchard

Contraband and Communications

Joe Bouchard worked in a maximum correctional facility for 25 years and is now retired. He continues to write and present on many corrections topics. He is the former editor of The Correctional Trainer. Bouchard has been an instructor of corrections and criminal justice since 1999. He currently teaches at Keweenaw Bay Ojibwa Community College. Bouchard also has online writing clips at He is also the author of three corrections books for LRP publications and 10 books for IACTP’s series of training exercises books. Order now.

While contraband control is a year-round endeavor, facilities can see a spike in trading of illicit goods over the Valentine’s Day holiday
While we can’t predict the future, we can plan how we will react to what happens next
These individuals may deliberately sabotage projects to enhance how they look, which can compromise everyone’s safety in corrections
Corrections Training
When teaching contraband control, how do you determine what your facility needs and which training styles benefit the learning capacities of your staff?
Shedding your work-related habits can help you acclimate to a non-corrections life
Mental fatigue can have dangerous consequences not just for the target, but for all in the facility
Implementing an electronic law library can contain research costs and reduce risks of inmate litigation, while keeping your facility in compliance with specific state mandates
If you look at retirement like a standard four-sided foundation, it features four cornerstones: activity, financial, physical and emotional
Corrections staff should be aware of the potential dangers in the seemingly innocent garden setting
Waste can liners are used to maintain safety and health standards, but they can also become dangerous weapons