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La. inmate’s tip gets him re-arrested for plot to repeat same crime

Anthony Ray Variet was once again charged with conspiracy to smuggle contraband into jail after ratting himself out to a deputy

Anthony Ray Variet

St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office

By Mark Price
The Charlotte Observer

FRANKLIN, La. — A Louisiana man was arrested in jail on accusations of breaking the same law that landed him behind bars in the first place, according to a news release from the St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office.

That’s not the strangest part of the story, however.

Anthony Ray Variet, 33, was the tipster that got him re-arrested, officials said, leading him to be charged — again — with conspiracy to smuggle contraband into jail.

He was arrested last week at St. Mary Parish Law Enforcement Center, after sharing his smuggling plans with a corrections officer, according to officials, who said Variet did so in hopes the deputy would play along.

“You can’t make this stuff up and it’s difficult to read the story while giggling in disbelief,” the department wrote.

“The end of the story is predictable. ... Corrections deputy alerts detectives, detectives start an investigation, the ‘plan’ is ‘partially executed’ by the female friend of the man,” officials wrote. “She is apprehended and arrested, and the man catches another charge while incarcerated.”

Deputies did not say what Variet was accused of trying to sneak into prison with the assistance of his “female friend.” He was initially arrested in February for several drug charges, according to jail records.

Variet was arrested in jail Oct. 8 on a charge of “conspiracy to enter contraband into a penal institution.”

His alleged partner, 30-year-old Keona Phillips, was arrested the same day and faces the same charge, officials said.

Both are from Patterson, Louisiana, officials said.

“Let us communicate clearly. Conspiracy to enter contraband into a penal institution is a serious charge,” the department wrote.

“We take contraband seriously at the St. Mary Parish Law Enforcement Center and will not tolerate any attempts to get contraband inside.”

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