Mom arrested for contraband care package for inmate son

Bag held meth, tobacco, and pot among other things

By: Kara Duffy

THOMAS COUNTY, Ga. — Thomas County inmate Dustin Stoker was on a work detail right outside the jail when narcotic agents say he received a special delivery from his mother, Lori Ann Stoker.

"A citizen walked up and advised us that there were inmates working on the grounds here, mowing, and that a car pulled up and threw out a bag and one of the inmates went and picked it up," said Kevin Lee, the Thomas County-Thomasville Narcotics Vice Commander.

Agents say they then saw Stoker throw a phone into a nearby dumpster. When they searched him they found a small amount of tobacco in his pockets. They then searched the work truck.

"On the truck they had a cooler, where they were keeping their sandwiches cool for lunch, and underneath that was a large black plastic bag and it contained several bags inside of it," Lee said. Inside those bags agents say they found around 59 smaller bags of tobacco, close to a half pound of marijuana, and four grams of Methamphetamine Ice. They also found three cell phones and chargers, as well as lighters.

Full story: Mom Arrested For Slipping Contraband To Inmate Son

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