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Correctional Psychology

A report from a corrections psychiatrist claimed prison officials overruled psychiatrists and misrepresented how often inmates were receiving proper care
“It’s very disheartening, it’s very demoralizing,” Dr. Karuna Anand said
Soft skills are challenging to quantify and measure, but are something that criminal justice employers seek out in candidates
The convergence of the scholar and practitioner mindsets helps to create informed criminal justice practices, policies, decisions and services
New York’s maximum-security Bedford Hills Correctional Facility is one of the very few prisons in the U.S. that allow inmates and their babies to live together
People leave prison without access to healthcare they’re entitled to, jeopardizing their own health and the public’s
Tenn. study shows 10 percent of children in the state have had a parent incarcerated
The skills the inmates are learning will help them acclimate to life outside prison, find work at vet clinics and animal shelters
Nationwide, about 5.1M children have experienced parental incarceration
The attacked cellmate recounts being saved by CO who interfered
The case was one that pitted the prison’s need for safety against the inmate’s right to privacy
The pilot program aims to rehabilitate, teach trade skills and morals to nonviolent offenders
Deputies found the man, cut the ligature and began resuscitation efforts after finding he had no pulse
Former actor undergoing treatment and care for schizophrenia
A second escaped patient was apprehended Friday night after cross-state manhunt