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Corrections Officer Heroes

These social media posts show how various agencies are commemorating the week and honoring the dedication of men and women working in corrections
Ross Bartlett, who also served as a Ceresco Police Department officer, was seated in his patrol vehicle and conducting a traffic stop when he was hit from behind
Lt. Rodney Osborne was at the academy’s tactical firing range when he was fatally shot, the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction said
Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Samantha Davis, who stopped at the gas station before going to work, held the suspect at gunpoint while employees helped cuff the suspect
When it became clear the woman’s heart rate was dangerously unstable, the jail staff used a defibrillator to restore her heartbeat to a normal rhythm
After helping his family member get to safety in a nearby town, Officer Guy Pigg loaded up a tractor and helped create a fire barrier around 10 homes “without regard to his own safety,” TDCJ said
The Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office correctional sergeant held the suspect at gunpoint while employees helped her cuff the suspect
“The National Medal of Honor is just one way to let staff know they are being recognized, they are being seen and that their efforts and sacrifices are appreciated,” One Voice United said
The two men will undergo concurrent surgeries that could extend beyond four hours in April
The Correctional Training Facility hosted a friendly soccer match, with ESPN Deportes recording it all
The COs were in Minneapolis for a recruiting event when they witnessed the incident, which had also gone over the radio as a call for assistance
“I really wouldn’t here if I wasn’t here in this place, and if it wasn’t for your efforts,” the inmate said. “Don’t worry. I won’t waste this second chance”
The day before Corrections Officer Tom Cooke’s death, fellow officers with the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office escorted Cooke from the hospital to be with loved ones
“Officer [Russell] Jones demonstrated unwavering commitment to serving his community and fellow officers. He will never be forgotten,” the Pamlico County Sheriff said
Bradley Kreifels served with the Nebraska DOC for 30 years; he was a former marine who rose to the rank of sergeant at the Community Corrections Center
Over 30 Wallens Ridge State Prison staff contribute their time and money to the success of an enriching community event
The adult community CO becomes the youngest female to swim the North Channel between Ireland and Scotland
After calling for help CO Hanna Suite defended herself and was helped by other inmates
Riley County Police Department recognized Lt. Travis Freidline, officer Daniel Zoeller, officer José Flores and officer Tanner Bolton for life-saving actions
Correctional Deputy Arturo Romero was a 24-year member of the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office
Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy John Durm, 61, died at a hospital following the attack, which police are investigating as an “intentional act of homicide”
Marion County Deputy John Durm was returning the murder suspect to jail when the inmate attacked Durm
Officer Keith Lynch, an Army veteran and CO for the past 16 years, has expressed interest in an emotional support dog
Michael Tisius, 42, died by lethal injection at 6:10 p.m. for killing two COs during a botched jail escape
Michael Tisius is scheduled to die by injection at the state prison in Bonne Terre for killing Leon Egley and Jason Acton at the Randolph County Jail
The delay comes after Michael Tisius’ lawyers claimed a juror in his 2010 resentencing could not read or write
In his 12 years as a CO, Officer Scott Riner mentored many of the inmates he oversaw and tried to steer them toward productive lives after prison
Michael Tisius was 19 years old when he murdered two Randolph County corrections officers during a botched escape attempt in 2000
When Michael Tisius tried to escape the Randolph County Jail in 2000, he shot and killed corrections officers Jason Acton and Leon Egley