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Inmate who tried to flee by posing as daughter found dead in cell

The convicted drug dealer was foiled Saturday in his scheme to assume the guise of his 19-year-old daughter


By Tim Balk
New York Daily News

The Brazilian drug dealer who planned an elaborate scheme to escape prison by dressing up as his daughter was discovered dead in his cell, authorities said Tuesday.

Clauvino da Silva, 42, appeared to have hanged himself, the BBC reported, citing prison officials.

The convicted drug dealer -- nicknamed “Shorty” -- was foiled Saturday in his scheme to assume the guise of his 19-year-old daughter. Officials said that da Silva acted suspiciously, giving himself away.

Images released by prison authorities from the unsuccessful jailbreak showed da Silva donning a silicon face mask and a flowing dark wig.

He was serving a seven-decade prison sentence for drug smuggling, according to the BBC.

Officials said earlier that his daughter was left behind in the cell during the escape attempt, and her role as a potential accomplice was being investigated.

He also attempted to escape jail in 2013 through a sewer.

At least 57 people died after a prison riot in the Brazilian state of Para last week, according to Reuters.

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