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Correctional Suicide

The revised policy includes step-down procedures to ensure there is mitigated risk over a longer period of time before inmates are returned to general population
Riley County Police Department recognized Lt. Travis Freidline, officer Daniel Zoeller, officer José Flores and officer Tanner Bolton for life-saving actions
It’s crucial that correctional staff can pinpoint potential triggers for suicidal behavior either during or following court proceedings
Rebecca Hillman faces up to four years in prison after a jury convicted her of denying help to an inmate who hanged himself in a cell
Capt. Rebecca Hillman has pleaded not guilty to criminally negligent homicide and offering a false instrument for lying on an incident report
The analysis also found inmate killings continued at high rates, with 30 homicides in 2022, the same number as in each of the previous two years
A deputy and two officers were killed and several others wounded in the deadliest single day for law enforcement in the state since 1923
A Luzerne County Correctional Facility lieutenant says COs need more training on how to recognize inmates at risk
The state has sought to prevent the video from being released to the public, claiming the footage poses a security risk at the prison
During rounds of housing cells, deputies cut free an inmate with a sheet tied around his neck and the cell bars
“Assessment is not a one-time event, but a process that should be ongoing throughout the at-risk patient’s incarceration.”
“He needs competent mental healthcare. Surely the prison can find a place to put him where he is not a danger to himself or others,” the inmate’s attorney said
A state investigation found that jailers failed to check on Dean Stewart, 50, three times in the 24 hours leading up to his death
Since Jan. 1, nine inmates have died by suicide, with suspected staff shortages largely to blame
Sgt. Deandre Adams violated policy in failing to adequately check on Chad Isaak, according to a termination letter