Mafia boss bites off, swallows CO's pinky finger at Italian prison

Giuseppe Fanara attacked seven corrections officers during an inspection of his cell

By David Matthews
New York Daily News

ROME — A 60-year-old Sicilian mafia boss serving a life sentence in an Italian prison bit off and swallowed a guard’s pinky finger during a brawl, according to reports.

According to the Il Messagero newspaper, Giuseppe Fanara, a boss from Sicily’s Cosa Nostra, attacked seven guards at Rebibbia prison in Rome during an inspection of his cell in June.

“During the altercation Fanara bit off the agent’s little finger on his right hand,” the paper said. “The finger disappeared, leading a Rome prosecutor to conclude it had been eaten."

Fanara allegedly then charged the other six guards while swinging a broomstick and shouting “I’ll slit your throats like pigs!”

Fanara has since been transferred to a high security prison on the island of Sardinia and is looking at a spate of additional charges.

Fanara was sentenced to life in prison under a special provision in Italian law that was carved out for mafia members and aims to prevent them from running their criminal organizations from behind bars. He was convicted for his role in several gang-related murders, including the shooting of a private investigator, in the late 1990s.


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