Gang codes: The digital decipher

Gangs codes use numbers, letters and superscripts - here's how to reveal their message

This article uses numerical codes to hide the meaning of the code words.  An example of the way this code could be used is, the code user would write a phrase like, “BadBoy from 3rd base needs to be taught a lesson” or “We need to move more product from 2nd base to 4th base” or “WeedWacker needs our help he’s off da block.”

If we can’t decipher the numerical code, we will never know the meaning of the code words. We need to find a key to deciphering the numerical code.

I received six pages of code words. They were found in the possession of a Bloods gang member and the document was confiscated in Florida. The first three pages are shown here as (Illustrations #1, #2 & #3). Take a close look at the three pages provided and then I will describe the process I went through to decipher the numerical code.

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