Video review: Inmates attack correctional officers at Chicago jail

Staff shortages have impacted all agencies, but we cannot take shortcuts in high-liability areas

Maximum-security inmates are classified as the highest risk for a reason. These inmates have proven they will harm others without any remorse. Of course, all inmates pose a threat, however, maximum-security inmates pose an exceptional risk based on their documented disciplinary history.

In order to promote safety and security within maximum security, we must direct the movements of the inmates and control their routines 24 hours a day. Supervisors must ensure all officers assigned to maximum security are aware of the dangers that await them. Deviating from policies and procedures can cause complete disorder and confusion at any given moment.

In the video below you will see an attack in a maximum security section of the Cook County Jail that left one officer in the hospital and two others injured according to sheriff’s office reports. This incident occurred at 0340 hours during cell to cell meal pass.

After watching the video let’s review some general safety and training considerations.

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