Police release inmate who refused to defecate for 47 days

Lamarr Chambers’ lawyer said the suspect “would rather die” than go to the toilet

By Corrections1 Staff

ESSEX, England — A drug suspect in England was released by police to the hospital after he refused to defecate for 47 days while in jail.

The Metro News reports that after 24-year-old Lamarr Chambers was arrested on Jan. 17, Essex police believed he swallowed some drugs. Police then waited for the inmate to “do what he needs to do.”

But after several weeks passed by, it became clear that the inmate’s situation was damaging his health. Chambers’ lawyer said the inmate “would rather die” than go to the toilet.

Throughout his time in custody, police said they ensured Chambers was supplied with food and water, according to Newsweek

“His health, wellbeing and dignity were paramount at all times,” an Essex Police spokesperson said. “Despite this, nothing was passed by Mr. Chambers, who also routinely declined medical treatment and the opportunity to visit hospital.”

Officers asked the court for an extension on seven separate occasions to keep Chambers in custody, in hopes that he would finally pass the drugs. On Monday, he was finally released from jail to go to the hospital.

The Crown Prosecution Service dropped the initial drug charges against Chambers. He was re-arrested on a lesser charge and released on bail before police transported him to the hospital.

Deputy Chief Constable B.J. Harrington said this was a “highly unusual” case. 

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