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The prisoners are protesting food portions, conditions of confinement and discipline at Ely State Prison
The portable BioFlash Biological Identifier can detect and identify the presence of low levels of aerosolized COVID-19 in any part of your facility
Officials need to repair gnawed electrical wiring and remove carcasses from walls and ceilings
Corrections Secretary Mark Inch sent a letter to state inmates, underscoring the importance of getting a vaccine
What can agency leaders and first responders do to overcome the challenges and effects of such a physically and mentally taxing career?
Identifying the symptoms of stress in your life will help you to develop a personal resilience plan
The development of highly effective vaccines against the COVID-19 virus is an astounding feat of scientific innovation
Reach out your hand to others, and do not slap their hands away
One simple way to improve your quality of life now is to take stock of all the blessings you’ve been bestowed, despite everything else
Like any special ops team, a law enforcement peer support team has a mission to fulfill
An outbreak was declared after several suspected cases were identified at Parnall Correctional Facility
Officer Jermaine Ross was placed in a medically induced coma for seven days
Participants will receive mental health treatment and counseling while residing in a work release center
The COVID-19 vaccine is another risk mitigation tool, kind of like ”internal body armor”
The report called for COs and incarcerated people to receive early access to the COVID-19 vaccine