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Taking Care of the Front Lines: Lexipol Acquires Wellness Technology Company Cordico

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Acquisition integrates wellness and resiliency services into Lexipol’s risk management solution for public safety and other high-risk industries.

DALLASLexipol has announced the acquisition of Cordico, greatly expanding resources focused on mental and emotional wellbeing for police, fire and other high-stress professions.

Lexipol provides first-responding agencies with essential policy insights, training programs and timely content to enable them to best serve their communities. Cordico provides purpose built, mobile health and wellness applications that deliver high-quality wellness tools, resources and assessments to public safety customers including law enforcement, fire, EMS, corrections and more. First responders can access these mobile apps anonymously and conveniently 24/7 to get the behavioral health support they need.

“Today, it’s critical that mental health be a part of every public safety agency’s risk management strategy,” says Lexipol CEO Michael Davis. “Integrating Cordico’s wellness technology into Lexipol’s suite of products will help us better address the needs of the men and women on the frontlines and give them access to a wealth of mental health resources, creating a seamless alignment between wellness, policy, training and support.”

Cordico solutions help strengthen workforce engagement, safety and wellness as well as identify individuals for critical roles to accelerate leadership. Trusted by hundreds of organizations, the Cordico wellness app provides confidential, on demand, 24/7 access to wellness tools and support, including self-assessments, access to local mental health providers screened and approved by the agency, and on-demand tools addressing wellness needs.

By combining forces, Lexipol and Cordico will enhance support to public safety agencies across the country, deploying resources that help first responders prepare for the rigors of their daily job and operate at peak performance. The acquisition also creates an unequaled combination of subject matter experts and industry advisors, including psychologists and other mental and behavioral health professionals.

“First responders face enormous stressors and pressures on the job while responding continually to the highest risk events in their communities. This chronic exposure to stress and trauma is associated with numerous physical and mental health risks,” says Cordico CEO David Black, Ph.D. “Together, Cordico and Lexipol will provide high-quality, technology-driven solutions to keep personnel healthy and effective at work, sending a powerful message about the importance of protecting the individuals who sacrifice so much to keep our communities safe.”

Under the terms of the acquisition, Dr. Black joins Lexipol and will continue to lead the Cordico business, as well as provide guidance to further enhance the company’s commitment to first responder wellness and resiliency.

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