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Michigan Corrections Organization

Move Forward

Michigan Corrections Organization (MCO) represents roughly 6,000 corrections officers and forensic security assistants working inside Michigan’s prisons and the Center for Forensic Psychiatry. MCO also represents Absconder Recovery Unit investigators and other Michigan Department of Corrections employees.

MCO has the highest membership density of any state of Michigan employee union. Members own the union and are engaged on the things that matter most to them. Read more about MCO at

Officer Jermaine Ross was placed in a medically induced coma for seven days
Even the most robust recruitment program won’t solve correctional facility staffing challenges if there’s no plan to retain personnel
Jim McVean just retired after a career with the Michigan DOC of more than 25 years; his son recently celebrated his 10-year anniversary
Labor union MCO is taking steps to lift up the achievements of members and CO supporters
National Correctional Officers Week is when the nation acknowledges the vital role COs play in the criminal justice system
From the outset, Michigan COs were concerned that private contractors would jeopardize inmate health and facility security
The campaign aims to elevate corrections and forensic officers in the criminal justice system and showcase the diverse and unique work expected of the modern-day CO