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Mental Health

The Mental Health topic features news, tips, columns, and expert opinion on a wide range of mental health issues in corrections, including the mental wellness of corrections officers, inmate treatment policies, and suicide watch.

The revised policy includes step-down procedures to ensure there is mitigated risk over a longer period of time before inmates are returned to general population
Correctional staff at the Livingston County Jail found the tools needed for the job had expanded to include crayons and children’s books
COs suffer from depression, PTSD and suicide at a higher rate than the average population; part of the revamp plan is to improve the prison staff’s experience
The mental health clinician was stabbed in the face and arm; he was taken to the hospital where he needed stiches
The lawsuit seeks a court order compelling the facility to improve conditions immediately, on the basis of deprivation of their rights under the 14th Amendment
As inmates attempted to stop the attack, one was stabbed in the chest
A lawsuit accuses the county and the sheriff’s department of failing to provide adequate medical and mental healthcare in the jail
The therapists serving Schenectady County have backgrounds in trauma, and insurance is not required
States would be encouraged to submit proposals for how to use money to combat addiction and other medical services for people at state jails and prisons
The department will also examine jail conditions in several states to ensure there are no violations of the rights of people with mental illnesses
The county jail has been under pressure from the public for many years to provide better mental health services for inmates
Tanya Suarez had sued the county alleging jail staff failed to protect her from harming herself after she was arrested
Incident videos help responders identify the physical and behavioral cues of a severe behavioral emergency that may or may not have a criminal component
$500,000 pilot program is aimed at helping staff members and prison residents deal with trauma, burnout and stress
The mentally ill make up about 50% of the entire inmate population of roughly 15,000 people in county jails