NY corrections officer viciously attacked by inmate

The inmate charged the CO, picked him up, drove him into the frame of a cell and began to punch him on the floor

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FORT ANN, N.Y. — A corrections officer was attacked by an inmate at the Washington Correctional Facility earlier this month after the guard questioned the inmate about why he was wearing sweatpants, according to the union representing officers.

The assault occurred on Dec. 5 just after 7 a.m. at the medium-security prison. The officer was at the housing desk when the inmate walked by not wearing approved clothing. The officer went to the inmate's living quarters to ask him about the sweatpants. The inmate became belligerent and aggressive, according to a news release from the New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association.

The officer called for assistance. Another inmate in the dorm witnessed the incident and began to encourage the inmate to attack the officer, the union said.

The inmate charged the officer, picked him up, and drove him into the frame of the cell and onto the floor. Then, the inmate began to punch the officer.

The officer attempted to use his pepper spray but the inmate knocked the canister out of his hand. He continued to punch the officer in the face and head. The officer attempted to use his baton to get the inmate off him but was unsuccessful, according to the news release.

Three officers arrived at the cell to help. They made several attempts to get the inmate to stop the attack but were unsuccessful. The pepper spray was used but had no effect. The inmate was able to push one officer into a cell locker.

As the attack continued, an officer grabbed the inmate in a body hold, pulled him off the injured officer, and forced the inmate to the floor. With assistance of other staff, handcuffs were applied and the inmate became compliant.

The inmate was removed from the dormitory and placed in a special housing unit, pending disciplinary charges.

The 37-year-old inmate is serving a five-year sentence after being convicted of a felony in Suffolk County in 2012. He was returned to the facility in 2018 after violating parole.

The officer who was attacked sustained cuts, bruises, and swelling to his face, a possible fractured nose and dislocated shoulder. He was treated by the prison's medical staff and brought to an outside hospital for further treatment, the union said.

State Police were notified.

"This was simply a violent, unprovoked attack on an officer who was doing his job and questioning the inmate about violating procedures. It took three officers to get the inmate to stop the attack after a violent struggle with him," said John Roberts, NYSCOPBA Northern Region vice president in a news release.

Roberts said he believes the attacks will continue because of what he called "watered-down" discipline for inmates.

"I strongly encourage the Washington County District Attorney's Office to pursue charges against this inmate and send a message that attacks on staff will not be tolerated," he added.


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