Texas inmate throws urine on CO

The CO was delivering the inmate's food when the inmate threw a cup of urine at the officer

Matt Smith
Cleburne Times-Review

CLEBURNE, Texas — When Johnson County Sheriff’s Office deputies charged Webster Odell Anderson, 65, of Cleburne, with harassment of a public servant on Dec. 25, they didn’t have to take him far. Anderson was already in the Johnson County Jail on two unrelated charges. Anderson now has his new charge and a $25,000 bond.

A correctional officer working at the jail that day in full uniform was delivering food to inmates as part of his assigned duties, according to Anderson’s affidavit for arrest warrant.

As the officer came to Anderson’s cell Anderson asked if he had any juice to which the guard replied he did not.

Anderson then allegedly approached his cell door holding a cup in his hand and told the guard to give him his food.

As the guard handed Anderson the food, Anderson allegedly threw the contents of the cup, urine, at the guard. When the guard attempted to close the “bean chute” slot through which he was handing the food Anderson allegedly threw the remainder of the urine at the guard.

Anderson was in the cell by himself at the time and the act was caught on video.

The guard told investigators that he had no doubt the fluid thrown at him was urine as “he had to smell its odor for the rest of his shift.”

None too happy, the guard told officials that he wished to file charges against Anderson.

Court records show that Anderson was in jail at the time in lieu of a $50,000 bond from an Oct. 5 arrest on two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. According to Anderson’s indictment for that arrest, Anderson, on Oct. 5, allegedly told a man and a woman that he would cut and/or injure them. Anderson at that time allegedly wielded a knife at both victims.

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