Inmates use pop tarts, dead cats to smuggle contraband cell phones

Ga. DOC has collected around 7,600 illegal contraband cell phones from inmates in fiscal 2015

By C1 Staff

ATLANTA, Ga. — Problems with contraband, especially cell phones, are rampant inside most prisons in the U.S.

Georgia is no exception in 2015, the Department of Corrections has confiscated around 7,600 contraband smartphones from inmates who weren’t supposed to have them, according to KMOV. The phones have a going rate of $500 to $1,000 inside prison walls.

How are the inmates getting the phones inside the prisons?

One correctional officer, Aremeya Cannon, said she used a scanner to examine a box of pop tarts, and discovered half a dozen cell phones.

Other methods include drones, and a dead cat.

“Cut it open, cleaned out the contents of the body and used the carcass to stuff several cell phones and several rolls of smokeless tobacco inside. They sewed it up and tossed the cat back over the fences,” Ricky Myrick, direction of professional standards for the Board of Corrections, said.

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