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YouTube: Inmates film rap video in their cell

Michigan DOC officials are investigating how two inmates obtained cellphones and posted a video filmed in their cell to YouTube


DA HUB / YouTube

By Greg Friese

MACOMB County, Mich — Two inmates are under investigation and in segregated housing after filming a rap video inside their Macomb Correctional facility cell and releasing the video on YouTube.

According to FOX 2, officials are investigating how the inmates obtained the cell phones and were able to create the video undetected.

Chris Gautz, a spokesman for Michigan’s Department of Corrections, said guards found the YouTube link written on a piece of paper during a cell inspection.

“They then looked at it and pulled it up online and then found it was a video that had clearly been shot inside that prison,” Gautz said.

Officials told the Detroit Free Press the video, titled “IN DIS CELL,” was created in September and posted to YouTube on November 3. The video is racking up thousands of views and hundreds of comments.