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Corporate Profile: Damascus Gloves

Damascus Gloves has been making premium quality hand gear for the men and women of the US Armed Services and other facets of law enforcement since 1955. Very early on in our history, we started out as ''''Damascus Leather Shop’''' . The store and business were in founded in Damascus, Oregon USA. It was in those early years that we first began making the ''''sap glove’'''. Through our history and experience, the Damascus name has become synonymous within the industry and around the world, as ''''the best’'''.

Attention to craftsmanship and the smallest details, as well as the use of only the finest quality leathers and materials have delivered consistent and trusted protection to our customers and troops. This is not talk. It is reality? Damascus = Quality. We provide a level of personal protection which can be relied upon even in the most critical of times, when you need it most.

Today, Damascus is taking our half-century of experience in the art of making quality personal protection and is fusing it with an all new level of 21st century technology and style.

In the coming months you will see a significant evolution of our company as we take a few quantum leaps over our imitators.

We’'d like to thank the industry of which we have been a part of for over 50 years for your renewed support of Damascus in this new era.

The times truly have changed, and so have we.


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