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Which Color Is Safest?

In 1990, a large-scale survey was conducted by the Minnesota Department of Transportation at the Minnesota State Fair. Four mannequins were displayed, each with a different fluorescent-colored jumpsuit. Fair attendees were then asked which mannequin appeared the most visible. The results:

  • Fluorescent yellow: 5,796
  • Fluorescent green: 2,706
  • Fluorescent orange: 2,231
  • Fluorescent pink: 2,017

Fluorescent yellow was rated most visible by more than 2:1 over any other color. Interestingly, of the 119 color-impaired voters, 97% selected fluorescent yellow.
Why is that important to you? Of the 151 federal, state and local law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty last year, 20 were struck down by automobiles while outside of their own vehicles. It is also important to note that fluorescent yellow can create a contrast on the road, where most barrels, pylons, and construction signs are orange.