TrueVector Technologies Debuts Emergency Responder Real-Time Web Drawing Solution

Strategic reseller Defense Group to incorporate solution into CoBRA® Web Mapping

Hanover, NH – TrueVector Technologies today introduced a web-based, interactive drawing solution for Emergency Responder web mapping software intended for use by federal, state, and local governments, and other Emergency Responder organizations.

The first deployment of the technology is by Defense Group, Inc. (DGI) of Vienna, Virginia, which has signed a strategic reseller agreement with TrueVector Technologies.   DGI will market this drawing solution as part of its CoBRA® WEB Mapping within the CoBRA Crisis Management and Emergency Response business unit. The applications for CoBRA® WEB mapping are numerous.  DGI will initially target Fire Departments, EMS organizations, Bomb Squads, HAZMAT teams, and Police Departments as a situational awareness tool to assist in the collaboration of first Responders and Emergency Operation Centers. 

CoBRA® WEB mapping will allow users to quickly develop situational awareness by viewing all essential information on a map, down to street level detail. It provides a common operating picture, where emergency personnel can log in and collaborate on a single universal map, which can be viewed and updated in real time to reflect changing events on the ground. Users of the map can draw and markup incident information from anywhere, saving time, minimizing property losses, and protecting the safety of personnel and the general public. The system has been designed to easily track assets and resources as data is automatically fed into a map from the incident site as well as reach back assets and command centers.

Commented Sandy Fitchet, CEO and President of TrueVector Technologies: “Our partnership with Defense Group has opened a new market - Emergency Response – for TrueVector Technologies. We are very pleased to be working in concert with DGI to deliver customized software solutions that assist First Responders in their critically important mission and delivery objectives.” 

Commented Chris Boehm, DGI CoBRA Group Vice President: “Through our strategic partnership with TrueVector Technologies, we are able to offer the first Emergency Response solution that links real-time mapping and collaborative markup with incident response. This is a real boon to our clients, and has generated interest in some related markets, such as Police Departments, who see CoBRA® WEB mapping as a means to manage protest situations. With CoBRA® they can visualize the current status and location of protesters and make informed decisions for managing their department’s actions.”

About Defense Group/CoBRA® Crisis Management and Emergency Response
CoBRA® provides the first responder quick and easy access to interactive tools and comprehensive data to manage incidents involving chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, natural disaster, and explosive threats.

CoBRA® software is a proven crisis response technology used in planning, training, exercise and operational response. The easy-to-use software delivers the information you need, when you need it. Fast.

CoBRA® software serves as a Decision Support Tool for the full spectrum of HAZMAT & CBRNE incident management; including pre-planning, training, exercises and response. CoBRA® has been deployed to DoD Base Fire Departments under the JPEO-CBD Guardian Program and currently used by National Guard Bureau HQ for all WMD Civil Support Teams, and to 20th Support Command CBRN. It is used within the State & Local Responder communities, all FBI accredited bomb squads nationwide and supports MIL/CIV collaboration. It also supports National Standards such as National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command Structure (ICS). For more information please visit:

About TrueVector Technologies
TrueVector Technologies, LLC (Hanover, NH) is the leading provider of Business Decision Mapping solutions that enable businesses to make better decisions through the visualization of data over geography. TrueVector’s proprietary and easy-to-use mapping solutions require no hardware, software, or personnel investment on a client’s part, and include a full range of Cloud Based implementation options. The company is privately held and founded in 2008.

TrueVector Technologies fills an important void in the marketplace. We offer a valuable solution that’s also extremely cost-effective. Our functionality rivals that of “high end” custom consulting and software development alternatives, but at a fraction of the cost.

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