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E.A.R., Inc Announces the SHS “Active Telecoil” Electronic Earplugs Boulder, CO. - E.A.R., Inc., worldwide provider of multiple hearing protection products and developer of many electronic hearing enhancement/protection devices, introduces their new SHS “Active Telecoil” electronic earplugs.

These lightweight tactical earpieces are designed to be worn by themselves for normal training or shooting activities, or can also be incorporated in with throat-mic, surveillance and shoulder-mic systems by easily converting the earpiece design to accommodate.

The unique feature in the SHS “Active Telecoil” unit is the ability to use it with an induction loop system for “wireless” communications. The unit is specifically designed to pick up both signals coming from the radio as well as outside surroundings at the same time. Therefore, freeing the officers hands to concentrate on the tasks in front of them.

The SHS units are a great answer for those looking for a lightweight solution over electronic earmuffs in a compact design. Please review our website for further details, or give us a call. We will be happy to workout a solution for your needs and budget demands. For more information, please visit or call 800-525-2690.