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TerraLUX Inc., Introduces Hi-Power LED Upgrade for Streamlight® HP Rechargeable Flashlights

Boulder, Colorado-TerraLUX Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of professional-quality LED lighting products has introduced the StreamStarHP ™ (TLE-HP3), an LED lighting upgrade for the Streamlight’s HP compact rechargeable flashlight. The Streamlight rechargeable flashlight is widely used by law enforcement agencies world-wide, as well as fire, EMS (Emergency Medical Services), military and a wide range of professionals. Until now, users have had to make do with a halogen bulb that was fragile and consumed so much power that battery life was restricted to only 1-2 hours of operation. TerraLUX’ LED upgrade marks a quantum leap in performance with:

  • 100,000 hour rated life (vs. 30 hrs for standard bulb)
  • 100 Lumen Light Output
  • 6-hour battery (vs. 1 for standard bulb) run-time on a single charge
  • Pure White light (vs. orange light in standard bulb)
  • Six-fold increase in the lifetime of NiCd Batteries
  • Focus-ability

This product is available immediately from TerraLUX authorized dealers. See for more details or call 1-866-498-1564