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World’s Brightest LEDs Now Available For The World’s Most Popular Maglite® Flashlights From After Market LED Upgrade Kit Maker, TerraLUX

BOULDER, CO. - The world’s most popular flashlight line by Mag Instruments, Inc., can now be upgraded to the world’s brightest LEDs with upgrade kits from TerraLUX, Inc. of Boulder, Colorado. These upgrade kits are known as TerraLUX LED Light Engines® and will be featured in the New Product World at the National Hardware Show, Las Vegas, Nevada, May 17-19.

Professional flashlight users such as law enforcement, fire and rescue began the trend toward LED portable lighting which has now been expanded to include technicians, contractors, campers and home owners.

LED lighting has become popular for flashlight users because of whiter light, vastly longer run times for batteries and the fact that they do not burn out like incandescent bulbs. LEDs are made to operate 100,000 hours (11 years) whereas battery driven incandescent bulbs operate ten to thirty hours before they burn out. In addition, unlike delicate light bulbs, LEDs are solid state devices that are almost indestructible. The one disadvantage owners discover is that LED flashlights do not permit adjustable focusing which is standard with all Maglite® products. Almost all LED flashlights are “fixed focus” which means there is no control over the light pattern and this is a feature that many users are reluctant to eliminate.

“For the last twenty years, millions of Maglite® owners have enjoyed reliable, focusable and inexpensive flashlights which have become the de facto standard in America” said Carl Kalin, TerraLUX’s Vice President of Marketing. “Now these trusted flashlights can be vastly improved by eliminating the weakest link, the incandescent bulb, with a super bright LED Light Engine. These retrofit kits do not burn out or break and reduce cost of operation by saving on batteries and bulbs, thus returning the superior performance for which these flashlights have been known over the years.”

TerraLUX, Inc. has the following line of LED Light Engines® for Maglite® flashlights.

  1. The MicroStar1 (TLE-10) is designed for the compact shirt pocket AAA Mini Maglite® and gives 20 lumens of light for over six hours, extending battery life five times. This product also comes with an optional adapter for the AA Mini Maglite where it gives an eighteen hour run time. The MicroStar1 retails for $19.99
  2. The MiniStar2 (TLE-5) is the professionals’ choice for the AA Mini Maglite offering seven hours of light at 40 lumens and a very tight focusing capability. Focusability is a feature unavailable from almost all LED flashlights. The MiniStar2 retails for $29.99.
  3. The MaxStar2 (TLE-6) for the Maglite® 2 D and 3 D flashlights. This units gives 80 lumens of light from a unique design of dual Luxeon® LED emitters. It also gives over 24 hours of run time on three D cell alkaline batteries which is ten times better than the bulb it replaces. The MaxStar2 retails for $39.00.

TerraLUX, Inc. designs and manufactures LED replacement bulbs and LED upgrade kits using the highest performance LEDs available such as the Luxeon® from Lumileds, Inc. What makes the TerraLUX LED Light Engines unique is the combination of these LEDs plus the proprietary PowerPushT regulation circuit that gives unrivaled brightness and run time from the batteries. Most LED flashlights do not have electronic regulation which is standard with TerraLUX.

Product images, performance details for all products and resellers can be found on the TerraLUX web site. ( ) TerraLUX is seeking additional distribution outlets.

TerraLUX, Inc. is not affiliated with Mag Instruments, Inc. which owns the Maglite® trademark shape, style and overall appearance of the Mini Maglite® flashlight. Mag Intstrument’s trademarks are here used only to identify the flashlight with which TerraLUX intends its upgrade to work. The TerraLUX LED Light Engine® is not made, endorsed or sponsored by Mag Instruments, Inc.