Gould & Goodrich Introduces Additional Options For Hand Gun Concealment

The 890 and 891 concealment holsters are crafted of fine grade leather and are possibly the most affordable in the market.   These holsters are highly concealable yet very easy to use.

The model 890 is an Inside Trouser Holster and offers a reinforced top band to prevent the holster from collapsing when the gun is drawn. The holster is stabilized with a belt clip that can be worn on a belt or over the trousers.  It is available in brown or black and in both left and right hand.

The model 891 is a Belt Slide Holster that has a belt loop and a belt slot for stability.  This holster is easy to use and easy to conceal.  It is also available in brown or black and in both left and right hand.

Both of these holsters are ideal for off duty or civilian concealed weapon use. They blend perfectly with the Gould and Goodrich Gold Line of holsters.  The suggested retail prices of $28.98 for the model 890 and $25.99 for the model 891 make the holsters especially appealing.
Gould & Goodrich Leather, Inc. has been making quality products for Police, Government, Correctional Agencies, and Sporting markets since 1985.  From the 50,000 square foot factory in the heart of the Carolinas, their design team has created the finest products in the industry.  Gould & Goodrich holsters, belts and accessories have been placed in service worldwide.

View the many innovative items featured at or contact Gould & Goodrich Leather, Inc. at 800-277-0732 or 910-893-2071 to request a catalog or explore what they can create for your agency.

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