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Secure and save: 20% off a 10-pack of ASP Tri-Fold restraints

Use the promo code DISPOSABLE20 for 20% off Tri-Fold restraints and accessories

By Corrections1 staff

APPLETON, Wis. — Prepare your patrol officers, working crowd control and mass demonstrations, with a 20% discount on ASP Tri-Fold Restraints 10-Pak, for efficient and secure detainee management.

ASP Tri-Fold Restraints are designed for quick and secure application. Each Tri-Fold Restraint is constructed from high-strength polymer, making these disposable restraints lightweight yet durable. Their compact design is an alternative to traditional handcuffs and allows officers to carry several restraints at once, providing flexibility and efficiency during large-scale events.

ASP Tri-Fold Restraints product information

The below demonstration video shows how to deploy and use the ASP Tri-Fold Restraint. The restraint has open loops for fast and easy application, extra-wide and smooth edges, and run through a fully enclosed ratchet block with a shim guard to prevent picking. After tightening, squeezing the secondary compression lock buttons provides additional security. Once applied, Tri-Folds must be cut off.

  • Order with the promo code DISPOSABLE20 for 20% off
  • Available in black of high-visibility yellow
  • Each Tri-Fold fits in the space of a pistol magazine